Redwood Beach Resort in Mechapa, Chinandega, Nicaragua

If you enjoy the idea of a relaxing Off-the-Beaten-Path escape and prefer some of life's "creature comforts", we would like to introduce you to a special place in Northwest Nicaragua. Located in a completely tourist-free location, RBR is the only hotel on the 24 mile beach and located within the Natural Reserve. Abundant with birds and wildlife, our simple cabanas feature air-conditioning, comfortable beds, private bathroom and beachfront balcony with hammock and rocking chairs. We offer the freshest meals based on the catch-of-the-day and local produce and buy as much as we can from our friendly neighbors.
We invite you to discover Redwood Beach Resort…A special place to relax, sip on fresh coconut water, unplug and unwind - Nicaragua . . . Naturally!

Redwood Beach Resort!

Surf?  You will be the first kid on the block to experience a secluded surf spot where you will probably be the only person in the water (unless you're with your friends!)  You can check the waves out when you wake up - between your toes while you lay in bed.  Rent one of our long or short boards, or bring your own.

Yoga Or Exercise?  The tranquil, peaceful nature of the beach is so fresh and soothing that any type of exercise is embued with a fulfilling sense.  

Independent Adventurer?  You can drive your 4x4 up to the Farallones and Punta Nata to scout for shells, or drive south to the mouth of the Estero Padre Ramos to relax in the lake-like waters. 

A unique part of Redwood Beach Resort is our passion to make your stay pleasant and peaceful.  Our all Nicaraguan staff all live in the village. Our restaurant serves only the freshest seafood - either bought that day from our local fishermen or sourced from our shrimp farm friends, oyster diver or lobster specialist.  Every day will be unique and special.  Take walks through our truly non-tourist fishing village and meet the locals.  Enjoy shelling on our amazing beach.  Reconnect with your spirit, soul and loved one.  Learn Spanish!

Your adventure in the safest country in Central America starts here. Discover Nicarague . . . Naturally!