Redwood Beach Resort
100 Beach Way, Las Cabanas
Mechapa, Chinandega, 00000, Nicaragua
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Redwood Beach Resort in Mechapa, Chinandega, Nicaragua

If you enjoy the idea of Off-the-Beaten-Path excitement but need a little luxury in between adventures, we would like to introduce you to a special place in Northwest Nicaragua. Completely tourist-free, it is the only hotel on the 24 mile beach and at the base of Volcano Cosiguina. RBR specializes in Adventure Tours, including volcano hikes, kayaking, ocean fishing, horseback riding, and more. We offer the freshdest meals based on the catch-of-the-day and local produce. Our oceanfront cabanas feature air-conditioning, comfortable beds and bedding, and private bathroom and balcony. We invite you to discover Redwood Beach Resort... Adventure, Comfort, and true Hospitality!

Your Vacation - Your Way!

In the mood for a little adventure? Kayak or go harpoon fishing at the local estuary, try ocean-fishing with a local professional fisherman, enjoy horse-back riding on the beach at sunset, hike to the top of a volcano, or play billiards on our oceanfront table.

Surfer?  You will be the first kid on the block to experience a secluded surf spot where you will probably be the only person in the water (unless you're with your friends!)  You can check the waves out when you wake up - between your toes while you lay in bed.  Rent one of our long or short boards, or bring your own.

If you are the Independent Adventurer, you can drive your 4x4 up to the Farallones and Punta Nata to scout for shells, or drive south to the mouth of the Estero Padre Ramos to relax in the lake-like waters. Either way, you probably won't see another person, let alone another car. Maybe a cow, or a horse. Maybe!

A unique part of Redwood Beach Resort is our passion to customize your vacation experience:  Every day will be unique and special because we listen to you.  You don't just rent a room - you own a hotel!  Learn how to ride a motorcycle with Mike, have Ramone cut your coconuts every morning and have fresh coconut water in the refrigerator waiting for you (or learn how to use the machete and cut them yourself!)  Take walks through our truly non-tourist fishing village and meet the locals, or go with Stacy to Pacho's in the morning after the boats come in and pick out your fresh fish for dinner - then learn how to clean and filet a fish!  Never milked a cow?  Now's your chance!  All of this, in the only oceanfront hotel in the area, with adventure tours and plenty of time to relax and enjoy the beach. 

This is YOUR vacation...YOUR way!

Your adventure in the safest country in Central America starts here. Discover our Paraíso Escondido - "Hidden Paradise."

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  • View from restaurant with boat
  • Punta Nata and The Farallones.
  • surfing 009
  • Yes! The surf can be great...and right in front of the hotel!
  • Horseback riding at Redwood Beach Resort in Mechapa.
  • Motorcycles at Punta Nata
  • Watermellon sales girl, by Jon Goering. Redwood Beach Resort offers tours of Chinandega.

We are open year round- our reservations line and check-in desk are available to you 24 hours a day!