Redwood Beach Resort
100 Beach Way, Las Cabanas
Mechapa, Chinandega, 00000, Nicaragua

Kayak the remote Estero Padre Ramos!

  • Our sit-atop kayaks and our special tour through the Estuary.

A great way to see the Estero Padre Ramos and the mangroves. We start you off in the narrow mangroves slips where you will navigate your way through the winding path and mangrove tubes to open water.  Up to 7 people can paddle through the calm waters to our own Champagne Island and enjoy the secluded natural setting. Includes guide, fishing poles, and a cooler with water (beer and champagne available.)

Price per person $45. Discount rates for families and groups. Includes transportation to the launch site in Venecia if required.  Total time: 3 - 4 hours.