Bolton Hotel Facilities


At all times, the wellbeing of our guests and the hard-working team at Redwood Beach Resort is forever our top priority.

While the news is dominated by the coronavirus COVID-19, I wanted to personally offer my reassurance that Redwood Beach Resort is doing everything in our power to ensure our guests' and team's safety; actively implementing practical initiatives following guidance provided by the Ministry of Health and advisory associations.

Warm regards, 


General Manager


What we're doing to take care of you


Cleaning & Hygiene 

Cleaning has always been a priority for our excellent cleaning team who are diligently improving their thorough cleaning regimen and have always used cleaning products that are effective in disinfecting.

We are also improving our already thorough cleaning of public spaces, with a focus on touch points, including door knobs, restaurant restrooms, and honor bar refrigerators. The layout of the Redwood Beach Resort is ideal because each room is an individual and independent cabin with its own bathroom. This limits the number of public contact points, such as elevators or common doors.

While we always advocate that regular and thorough handwashing is the best defense against disease, we have also put liquid antibacterial soap in all bathrooms and held sessions with our staff on the best methods as an added measure.

All beds and pillows are being sanitized with the recommended 70% Isopropyl solution, all sheets and towels are washed with clorox bleach and line dried in the sun for maximum disinfection.

 Our Team

Our team have been fully briefed on possible symptoms and are required to stay at home and self-isolate should they develop any.

Our staff are also informed of steps to take should a guest present any symptoms and we have a rigorous procedure in place to ensure the safety of our team, patrons and the comfort of the guest.

 Your Reservation

We understand that your travel plans may need to change as a result of COVID-19 and endeavour to offer a pragmatic and flexible approach to cancellations, taking each cancellation on a case-by-case basis.

Please don't hesitate to contact us directly and our team will be happy to help.


Everyone at RBR wishes everyone safety, health and a rapid passing of this disease.