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Directions by Car - Traveling to Mechapa by Car

  1. From Managua, take the new highway North (NIC 12) toward Leon and Chinandega.
  2. Follow the highway around Leon by making a right at the intersection, bypassing Leon city, and then another right to continue north toward Chinandega.
  3. In Chinandega at the Rotundo, follow the first right exit to El Guasale and Cosiguina
  4. Travel 1.5 miles and look for the signs on the right for the Estero and Cosiguina. You will go over speed bumps along the way that are not marked so be careful and keep an eye out for them. You will go over a bridge and under a large sign donated by Japan.  Make the left at the intersection with signs to Potosi. Going straight will bring you toward El Guasale, the border crossing to Honduras, so don´t go that way.
  5. Make a right a a short distance down the road. Look also for the brown signs for the Estero and Cosiguina-Potosi, or for the purple sign to El Viejo.  You will pass over a small bridge at the intersection just as you turn.
  6. At the next big intersection (6 corners) there are signs on the right for Volcan Cosiguina and Potosi. You will make a right at this intersection.
  7. At the UNO station the road will divide. There is a triangle-shaped park with a statue of the Virgen Mary.  Follow left, entering the only road North towards Cosiguina and Potosi.  Taking the right fork will bring you into El Viejo, so don´t go that way.
  8. Keep driving straight…On your left you will pass the entrances to Aposentillo/Aseradores and Jiquilillo. We have signs along the way and it's about 60 km in total to RBR.
  9. When the pavement ends, continue straight. We have a sign here, too (going right will take you to Cosiguina-Potosi, so don´t go that way.)  There is a Military installment here and they occasionally stop cars for inspection to make sure visitors are not travelling with contraband or transporting wood or wildlife out of the Natural Reserve.  Don´t worry, the nice men are just doing their job.  Let them know you are on your way to the Cabanas in Mechapa.
  10. Travel 13 km and make your second left - there is a sign.
  11. Go 3 km and look for the white letters RBR on a brick entranceway with a red gate.  That is the entrance to the hotel. Goi g straight and you’ll drive into the Pacific Ocean so (you got it...) don’t go that way!