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Green Initiatives

Eco-Friendly Practices at RBR - Operating in a Natural Reserve is just the beginning!

Established in 2000, Redwood Beach Resort has always been sensitive to our impact on the natural environment. On Day One we realized the hotel and restaurant's dependence on the local farmers, ranchers and the community.  Here is an idea of what we have developed over the years:

! RBR grows chemical free/pesticide free coconuts, mangoes, lime trees and cashew trees located on the property that we use in our restaurant and Tiki Bar.  We grow our own jalapeno peppers and squash in our organic garden test site.

! RBR's lodging, restaurant and Tiki Bar were built using traditional methods by local-skilled craftsmen.

! RBR purchases all of the seafood directly from local fishermen and cooperativas, located at the entranceway to the hotel.

! RBR is staffed 100% by Mechapans who arrive to work daily via bicycle or on foot.

! RBR is keenly aware of cultural considerations and respect the tradition and culture of our neighbors.

! RBR strives to purchase local produce from walk-on vendors and established "pulperias" in the village (including eggs, tortillas, nacatamales, fruit, vegetables, salt, beans, etc.)

! RBR offers a towel and sheet re-use option to guests - and we encourage guests to allow our cleaning staff to change sheets every other day to conserve energy.

! RBR uses energy-efficient lighting.

! RBR's cherished pigs are 100% hormone-free: we feed them only natural grains and restuarant scraps.

!  RBR uses non-disposable dishes and cloth napkins to reduce our impact on the environment.

In addition, we promote conservation in the area by:

* Co-ordinating the annual International Beach Clean Up to rid the beach of trash, and maintain the beach weekly to keep it free of plastic, bags, and nets that could harm the wildlife.

* RBR does NOT BUY TURTLE EGGS!  Nor do we promote the local residents to gather them. Instead, we advise them on turtle-hatching and the advantages to the community.  We also do not use plastic drinking straws which are detrimental to turtles and sea life.

* RBR offers NGO's and Missionary Groups the opportunity to service the historically underserved community through deeply discounted rates and coordinating activities.

If you are interested in gathering more information, offering advice, or have a group that can offer a service, please don't hesitate to contact us directly at [email][/email]